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We are an experienced (over 20 years), qualified and trusted Accountants in Milton Keynes, providing affordable accountancy and taxation services. Our services include limited company Accounts, corporation tax, PAYE, Bookkeeping & personal tax services to Self-Employed/Sole Traders. We are affordable fixed fee accountants.

Limited Company Accounts

It is a legal requirement for companies to file annual accounts with companies' house prepared under the latest relevant accounting standards and laws. These reporting frameworks are complex and based on strict criteria. We can take the hassle away from company directors' shoulders on the preparation of statutory accounts so that the primary focus for them remain on monitoring their business performance.Statutory accounts are crucial for company credit rating too. It is a crucial document for potential investors as well.

Corporation Tax (CT)

Companies pay CT, this is separate from your personal tax liability. CT is worked out based on complex tax laws, again we can help you with preparation and filing of CT return 2019/2020 year ends.

Q: What is the deadline to file a CT return?
A: 12 months after year-end but any CT liability has to be paid earlier.
Q: Are dividends expense for the company?
A: No, dividends are paid post-tax profits and reserves.
Q: What if my director loan account is overdrawn at year-end?
A: There are certain rules when it comes to overdrawn director loan account at year-end, generally it has to settle within 9 months after year-end to avoid further CT charge which is refundable eventually on the settlement of overdrawn director loan account.


We can help with filing of companies' annual return (AR) and other forms with companies house. 
Q: What is Annual Return?
A: It is a document basically summarizing details on a company registered office, officers, shares, and shareholders. It is different from the company's annual accounts. Generally, there is a little fee to be paid to companies house with AR filing

Personal Tax Return

It is also called as Self Assessment return, (SA for short). Several income sources can come under this heading e.g

  1. Employment Income (P60)
  2. Self-employment (Sole trade/partnership income)
  3. Dividends
  4. Foreign income
  5. Rental Income
  6. Capital gains Tax
  7. Pension Income
  8. Bank interest received
  9. Child benefit charge
  10. any other source of income, there are some types of incomes which are not taxable e.g ISAs interest

Q: As a company director, do I need to file my personal tax return?
A: May Be, it depends if the director has been issued notice by HMRC to file a personal tax return regardless of the level of income then YES otherwise NO unless one has income subject to tax which has not been taxed at source and should be declared.
Q: What is UTR?
A: UTR stands for Unique Tax Reference number (10 digit code issued by HMRC and it is not same as NI number)
Q: Can I get UTR even if I am not self-employed
A: Yes

Value Added Tax, it's an indirect tax and a complex one. We can help you with VAT matters as follows

  • Q: Do I have to register for VAT?
    A: Not straight away when you start a business but when your taxable turnover of a business in a 12 month period exceeds the Value Added Tax (VAT) registration threshold (currently £85,000 until March 2020) that business must register and account for VAT.
  • Q: What is Taxable turnover
    A: It is the total of everything a business sells that is not specifically exempt from VAT.
  • Q: Which one is the best software for VAT
    A: Depending on your business model we can suggest the best value for money and ease of use.
  • Q: What kind of VAT scheme should I register for?
    A: This is not an easy question to answer in a few lines, its best to have an in-depth review of your business first. To name some VAT scheme please see the list below and to add more complexity to puzzle these schemes might carry different basis for accounting i.e Accrual basis or Cash basis.
  • Cash accounting scheme
  • Annual accounting scheme
  • Flat rate scheme
  • Standard VAT scheme
  • VAT margin schemes
  • Q: I have more questions on VAT
  • A: Please feel free to visit our main website for VAT Accounting.


We can manage all payroll matters for you and your business. Our payroll service includes as follows

  • Preparation of Monthly or Weekly payroll
  • Submission of Monthly PAYE or Weekly returns to HMRC through
  • RTI
  • system using specialist Payroll software
  • Payslip for you and your staff either weekly or monthly
  • Help and guide you with HR matters
  • Handle annual P60s
  • Deal with holiday pay
  • Process any benefit in kinds through payroll e.g company car etc
  • For more details please visit our main website for PAYE


A very crucial part of business compliance especially with MTD for vat from HMRC in view. There are many software that can streamline the process of invoice generation, input expenses, bank reconciliation, VAT return compilation, and submission. Pleae contact us for free initial meeting.

Business start-up advice

We can help you with your start-up queries, feel free to contact us for a free initial meeting. We can run through important check list inline with future plans to determine which legal structure would suit your new business idea. How to look for options for financing business. When to register for VAT and PAYE. Which bookkeeping software to use. Essential accounts and tax deadlines. Your responsibilities as director if ltd company is legal status of business.

What is IR35?

Intermediaries’ legislation also know in short as IR35, it is anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to counter "disguised employment" by contractors servings through an intermediary. 
You may need to follow IR35 if you work for a client through an intermediary.
Please read more from our main website on IR35

Switching Accountant

We can look after this process for you, all we need is contact details of your existing accountant. You just need to inform them about move. We can write to them for clearance and ask for recorded required to takeover.

Website and all that

We are not only expert accountants in Milton Keynes but also very well versed in IT. We can help you in several ways to add value to your business e.g guidance on Web Designing, business web development, and SEO. Please ask for more details and visit our main website's dedicated page on the subject.

Pricing Plans

We offer Fixed Fee for our clients and free initial meeting.

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Tax Return

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